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Crocker - Soul On Fire lyrics

(Verse 1) /Conflicted since a youngster, black, white, or whatever/ Labels I avoided, lost sight in the weather/ Re-steered the ship, brought light cause I'm clever/ Never lost verbiage, concise for the ever/ Said pick a side, know your kind, hell the are you speaking/ Said this, said that, said the other are weaklings/ Man there with me, last day of the weekend/ Putting money in the plate and teaching the seedlings/ Quoting anecdotes of love and unbelievable faith/ Though beneath he restrained, was concealing his hate/ Till the inner city came, playing late in the day/ Thought the game went awry, and the flock went astray/ Man built a mob and they politely conveyed/ That the shepherd lost his way and no longer could stay/ There ten years old and I'm feeling betrayed/ Banished all my friends, and no longer we played/

(Hook) I was young and naive, thought thinking was free/
Looking for the truth, that was sinking in me/
Didn't know there was lines in the city I see/
And love ain't seem what I believed it to be/

(Verse 2) /In Arizona they picket, running out the illegals/ Be the same politicians campaign for the steeple/ Reaffirm their faith to their section of people/ To ward off suspicion they're corrupt or they're evil/ Now they wanna profile, to help with the seizure/ Both sides with Jesus, either church or cathedral/ All in a land that don't belong to us neither/ Damning God's people, protecting our freedom/ Up in Newberry, heard a man took a beating/ That led to his death, from the Earth he was leaving/ Pigs said a hate crime ain't thought they conceiving / Though he was dragged eight miles, barely breathing and bleeding/ Kids without a father they loved and they needed/ And a wife all alone left to pick up the pieces/Plastered on the news, prime-time in the evening/ Headline fodder for whomever to see it/

[Feather Fly Focus]
/I've got a lot hate in my heart/
/Martin Luther/
/I pride in not playing my part/
/Target nuisance/
/Looking outside of my window, the wind blows/
/And the seasons change, but I still seem the same/
/I can't run from the bias/
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/Even in private/
/So I keep my eyes from the violence/
/By being honest/
/Livin' in the shell that created my conscious/
/Or will I live to tell how I made the profit/
/I'm in/ Way over my head/
/But still holding on/
/But I can't hide in the shed/
/Through the cold and storm/
/I know the sun'll shine again/
/When you least expect/
/that's why I'm grinding for my kin/
/'Cause I need the check/
/I need the rest, but I'll take it in death/
/I'm making my steps/
/Headed in the direction that's next/
/So, if you don't mind, I'll quiet and let Crocker talk/
/And the hook should massage your thoughts/

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