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Crocker - Newton's Cradle lyrics

(Verse 1) /Down in the state they won't acknowledge/ South Carolina, trife and honest/ Smile when you see me, ripe with bomb shit/ I could never fall that's word to autumn/ Damn I got em in my pocket/ Check my pic, it's in her locket/ In too deep for me to stop it/ She give brain like she a scholar/ Then they hate me, call me Bastard/ Sure they suck, but then they plastic/ She a six, she screw my average/ All this just for a piece of badger/ Trim and slim, let me begin/ Came to sin and to swallow gin/ So when I say, hoe, follow him/ And grab condoms out the dollar bin/ Should have never offered entry/ I stain clothes, Ms. Lewinskey/ I burn thru rubbers, Crocker Penkse/ Bring em flowers, Not Forget Me's/ Call they boys, try and get me/ Pillow cold, below fifty/ Out-shake the lames, i 2 shifty/ Carry weight, no strain or shifting/

(Hook) /Just in case you're wondering/ I swear we don't want money/ And we not wanting cars/ It's like we're stuck in prison, way we stay with all these bars/ Crocker said to kill it, so I promise no more scars/ And they way we murder this, It won't be hard to catch a charge/

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(Verse 2) I'm a simple man with simple needs/ Fifth of sam and a pill of speed/ Adderrall, no Asher Roth/ No offense, but I'm not at all/ Here for college, no smarts tonight/ If it's art, hope her parts are right/ In search of curves, ass and thighs/ Pound of makeup, glassy eyes/ Skirt that's hiked, legs for days/ Bi, and she'll cross like Hardaway/ And gotta have sum attitude/ Out her mind, lost latitude/ So baby and come dance for me/ I advocate your travesty/ I'm a slut, you're a slut/
Make like squirrels and catch a nut/ Yes I'm vulgar, inappropriate/ But there you are, smiling, knowing it/ You say want no strings attached/ I'm just trying to unlatch/ You're bra and all, and watch you fall/ On the bed, smiling sexy/ Taking stock, no investing/ Have an issue, matters pressing/

(Verse 3) Cheers to the prudes, I love you too/ Say you don't, but I know you do/ I'm not here to cast a stone/ I'm just here to have some fun/ Had some women, bit too frisky/ Spider hands, webs a flicking/ Try to tickle, I'm relenting/ Take that home to the man you been in/ Had some clingers, had some lifers/ Had sum wives, but no survivors/ It's all in the name of lust/ Know that fact, and I that you trust/ Love my 'Nilla, love my chocolate/ I love you all, I'm a loving Crocker/ One more time, cuz I'm forgetful/ I'm just here for something sinful/ Cheers to vice and what your into/ Whips & Chains, things suspenseful/ Lets just fry some butter baby/ I don't need another baby/ Betty Crocker nutter baby/ While were at it, just for kicks, go and grab your mother baby/

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