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Creeper - Black Rain lyrics

“At war with the world, yet worlds apart
To return is a promise I can't make
You see, we together have The Callous Heart
Because Callous Hearts don't break.”

Do you recall when you'd lay on my chest?
Now where you once slept just lays such an emptiness
We're going through this phase where we feel nothing
Making out with ‘loneliness'
Cheating on each other with ‘regret'

We're so forgettable and miserable
So I wrote for you a chorus to end it all

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And in the rain, I screamed your name
So darling, just you shut your pretty mouth
I know I mean nothing to you now

Do you recall when he had you undressed?
So young and so blessed, a letterbomb with no address
You were young and nameless, guilty but blameless
We woke the neighbours screaming at the weather once again

And all the colours bleed in on themselves and I'm left so cold
When all I wanted was a hand to hold to watch the world explode
I was all of the things that you always dreamt and then never did
All of the lives that you could have led but then never lived

The midnight kids

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