Craig Xen - I Wonder If Bloods Watch Blue's Clues lyrics

Patty cake, patty cake
Work my wrist like patty cake
Two white b**hes like Mary Kate
n***a want beef like patty cake, aye
Eat my dick like sirloin steak
Rape a b**h, that's my fetish aye
I don't speak your language, Rosetta
Only speak the language of lettuce
Patty cake, patty cake
You finna get some dick today
Drop a neck on me like a lynch b**h
Limp dick, put it on your daughter
She still caught a nut
Patty cake, patty cake
Nutted on your b**h like Johnny K
ATL pull up in roller skates
Work my tool like a vibrator, aye

[Verse 2: Craig Xen]
Aye free my n***a X!
Aye, aye, yuh, yuh

Patty cake, patty cake
Pack your b**h if you ain't got my pay
Left, right switched then I fixed your style
Banged a n***a's b**h like a Kit Kat aye!
Patty cake, patty cake
n***a want beef, I slice filet
n***a got beef, I pull up on the street with an M16 [?]
Patty cake, patty cake
Pull up on my n***a's pay
Yeah they got a whole lotta marijuana
Hotbox a hundred like a motherf**ing sauna
KK, better bring that a** on my face ASAP
Lemme get a taste wait
Yuh, shake it on me, b**h make it clap

[Outro: CRAIG XEN]
Patty cake n***a
Yeah shake that motherf**in a** b**h
I'm saying bring my motherf**ing money back on time b**h
Yeah free my n***a X dawg
Bring me back my motherf**ing reg b**h I ain't f**ing around
Witcho patty cake lookin' a**
Shake them cakes... f** n***a

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