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Cozzy - All I Know lyrics

Burn one, burn one

I gotta ride clean, I gotta stay dope
Tryna stay paper, I gotta get more
I'm tryna dodge haters, I gotta let 'em know
I only do it big 'cause that's all a n***a know
That's all a n***a know

[Verse: J. Fresh]
Just cruisin' through the city get my smoke
Sun out so you know I got my locs on
Loud pack in my blunt like a ?
Money stand tall in the stretch like ?
Keep a chick that just be in the videos
Got a big pistol with a scratched of serial
While you n***as over there keep hatin' boy
I'm over here ballin' hard like a Seminole
Louis shades, Louis lids, Louis high tops
At a Jets game getting brain in the skybox
We switchin' lanes in the Maserati drop top
Black and white whips so we look like the White Sox
Fly as f** like a G5 Lear
Made n***a when I look in the mirror
Gotta stay away from the vague and the b**h n***a
Cause your boy switch it up like gears
FBN what I rep and you know that
n***as stunt hard shine bright like a Kodak
Jump wrong, get stomped like a dopeman
But shots at 'cha make ya n***as doin' four flats
King of this sh**, I'm the black Elvis Presley
Brown ? in the coupe and it look like Nestle
If you stuntin my n***a just show me
Cause all the ? that you doin don't impress me
Just cruisin through the hood, beat the block down
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Old school ? so you know I got the top down
If your chick didn't like me before
I guarantee when she sees the Benz she gon' bop now
Money talk bullsh** walk a thousand miles
But you know that's all I know
Stay clean, stay high n***a
Stay away from these dog a** hoes


Man that's all a n***a (that's all a n***a know)
Man that's all a n***a (that's all a n***a know)


And it be like shoppin malls, barber shops pourin up, smokin out
Be in the block, VIP, parkin' lot, Waffle House
Work flow, studio, makin' hits, takin' trips
Hatin n***as make me sick, my girl far from a basic b**h
I'm cruisin down the interstate, rappin like a been a great
Each of my utensils scrape the bottom of my dinner plate
Hit the scene in search of cream like I've been drinkin coffee straight
I swear it's all a n***a know I do this sh** like every day
Pensacola Florida in bold letters
Better get yo sweater, bundle up for this cold weather
We bringin through and I really wanna get ?
But you know how a southern n***a do
I'd rather keep it cool, I'd rather stunt with the crew
I want to cop a coupe with the stars in a few
That's all I know, day-dreaming, smilin', stay schemin'
Fresh drive when I roll up the light purple
Maybe vice- versa, I know the sh** hit hard like Wayne Mercer
You better get up on your job if you ain't hurtin'
That's all I know so I stay workin', best believe, they gonna get a recipe
It's all I'm ever gonna know until the d**h of me


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