CoryxKenshin - The Samurai Rap lyrics

Yeah (ok)
Nice beat Huh?
I thought so to..
Shout out to Kyrptic

(Verse One)
Its the Shougun, Cory-x-Kenshin
Back with the rhymes, so I appreciate the listen
Haters could get sliced cause ya boy got precision,
I grab my Katana and get to work
call that division(Yeah)
Anyway, Samurai
Whats good?
Yeah I see you nodding, beat is fire, probably should
Listen, got a little message going out out the brethren on the Tubes of You
Reppin Samurai, you legends(ok)
This is where I'm at
Samurai, they got my back
Fears, loyals take no crap
You talking smack,
you getting slap
Blades swinging at ya chest
Hold Up, lemme catch my breath
Head of the Samurai, all the way up to my d**h
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Hey girl whats poppinnn-wait ur a boy
Oh my bad, lemme stop then
Look, I ain't know
You don't ever know who's watching
So instead of all this dissn' look,

(Beat Change)

(Verse 2)
Oh, you thought it couldn't get no better, girl you slipping
Who you thought this was?
Pull yourself together, man just listen
Stay wrecking scrubs, gg mate
Every endeavor's a dub, till I try to get a date(Wow!)
Community so cool, have me feeling cloud nine
Especially the sistas when they got on the Kimonos
Im trying to put a ring on it, yeah just call me Frodo
People hatin on the samurai
Our powers drive them loco
Shogun, signing out
Hear me coming, there'll be trouble


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