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Concrete Sox - Who Was the First? lyrics

So you claim to be the first
You want all foreigners chased (your pathetic curse)
But it's everyones land
And everyones right (The Indians were the first)
You've got very short sight
Yeah a very short sight
You polluted and k**ed, you spawned decay
And you think you have the right to independance day
You try to be intellectual, you try to explain
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The way you think, "Racist Joe" is your true name
You shout the 'Red/Peace' punks are to blame
Are you shouting that in the government's name?
So there you go, all in the same boat
Your voice is a requiem, your head just afloat
I wish you'd see the light
You're at a dead loss
You cannot live life hating
Anyone who isn't a W.A.S.P

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