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Concrete Sox - Civilised lyrics

You eat before you think - Do you think at all?
Dolphin and chips - is that your next meal?
Devout to wipe out, inheritence of the past
Destroying intelligent creatures, money-grabbing demented leeches
These creatures can love and trust, you don't need a scientific mind
But how are they gonna trust, the tenacious beings, who k**, for lust?
Semi-detached excuses, we seethe with hate
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Their only food is fish, you can get any job if you wished, or if you try, if you try
Civilised? Civilised? Total utter crap, just addictive bloody greed
They are their inheritance, it is not a few, the blood flows freely, anything they can chew
It's the familys trade, from son to son
But have they ever thought about what the f** they've begun?
Then its in the shops, anything that ever lived
I suppose the next stage, will be eating, it alive, bit by bit, by bloody bit

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