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Conch - Interna$ional Money Anthem lyrics

[Intro ~ Nappy The Don]

[Verse ! - IATG AKA Mr. "Look at Ma Intrenal Rhime Schemmes"]
Money here, money there, money in my underwear
Money all up in my bed, I got money under there
Money in my tree house, money in my stereo
Money in my weed pouch, beat p**y up like Larry Holmes
I got money on the roof, I got money in my toof
I got money in my main b**h, she get money too
Money money money, I got lots of money
f** with my cash, and I'll leave you broke and bloodied

[Verse @ - UncleFondle]
When it comes to money, you know I put first
Come between me and money, I'll put you in a hearse (BURR)
Greenbacks for wetbacks, they building my casinos
Like Steve Wynn, I'm rocking from Reno to Encino
Checks in the Czech Republic, what the f** is a budget?
I tip my waiters with stacks of hundreds, cousin
They call Weezy young money, well I'm Big Daddy Oldbucks
Good thing you quit rappin', you're f**ing slowbucks (BARS)

[Verse ╣: Big Daddy JC]
Monaco, I'm pushing whips, leavin' skids, doin' dips
Zurich for the pimpin', Sicily shores for our ships
English dinner with the violins, dining with Lord Byrons
Spain for my sirens, child broaden your horizon
All I got is five bars, shout out to Verizon

[Verse ^: Supa Dupa Jesus]
I put down my kis for JC, and picked up my keys
5 bars to 8: I add 3 xanies to these
Now b**hes be getting salty nutz: deez

[Verse #: Dyaz]
Got that Devil fork, six hundred sixty six
Drinking that water, sh**'s leaving me six
In this b**h tryna take sh** over like Eris
Soul colder than a seven minute solar eclipse
I got five on it, smoking with LL, man
Muzzlefnkr setting me up, s**a's holding a ten
Got six add another two thousand and fourteen
Plus ten, we got the F-U-N-K, nahmean?

[Verse $: iRod]
The roof made of money, the floor made of money
The walls made of money, and the doors made of money
Gotta car made of money, for the road made of money
I'm floatin in the money, on my boat made of money
Got bank overseas just to save my money
Cause you know the goverment tryna take my money
Till the day I die, I'mma stack my money
If Google timesed they money by gogol they'd have half my money

[Verse ; - Chancellor]
I mismanaged the funds; my theft dwarfs your salary
My money's more than an illness, it's the emperor of maladies
I brought the black duffle bag; peep the grand greenery
Your brain is turned to slag; look, but no touchy, glare discreet
Hack the IMF, straight up off the iPhone
Launder the dough through the cartel in Cologne
Dip to the Barbaries; Algeria connection
Like I'm E. Cleaver; Berber women that we're s**in'
I rise from the throne I had made from fat paper
[Lyrics from: https:/]
My enemies lie prone; I've no more need to catch a caper
Who am I kiddin'; I need to have eternal wealth
Just in case science is wrong, and I don't suffer d**h
The heist is goin' down; we poppin' shots at Fort Knox
Murked a seargent for a Tarhe; the golden crop's out the top
Head to the strip club, I show 'em I'm the troof
"Enrique, in the copter, drop the safe to break the roof"

[Verse % - J-Franks]
It bothers me when the broads get to writing all these bars
Who allowed a b**h n***a like you to chat up like you's a mod?
Your prose is making me doze, why you messin' with the pros?
They say green the color of envy, and with you n***as it shows
I'm tired of fools who think they special cause they name is green
You should know by now the cash river flows only to Money$Team
I can't stand you trolls no more, but you the n***as who gonna need to sit
Whitney Houston, son, I'll drown you like it's water under the bridge
Let's get back to the cash, I've murdered you and now your done
Now I'll take a ride inside my spaceship and be sure to have some fun
This one comes with rear view mirrors so I can look back at the honeys
My cock pit is large and well equipped thanks to all my monies
So what if I'm spending too much, I get it full back like Larry Csonka
Got 6 b**hes in my truck, and I bulldozer like a f**ing Tonka
Money$Team and the green, yeah, we make a perfect tandem
Now pledge allegiance motherf**ers, cause this the f**ing anthem

[Verse 8--> Rimmer]
Ya girl making looks at me
See through lingerie, packing the trojan like a trojan
Got the secret magic juice
Sticky like krazy glue
Cum on her face, pica**o
Got so many b**hes I lost count
V-A-G like a crate, D-I-T-C

Ayo Rimski, let me show you how to keep the dice rolling when you're doing that thing over there homie..

[Posthumous Verse - Rysarm]
Alright, I'm chillin' with my team
Closer to my dreams, is closer than it seems
Cause I'm focused on the green, and the notions that it brings
Emotions aren't my thing, but I'll start them out "Z"
And get them down to a "T" to the sound of the beat
The rounds ain't on me, I'm not old enough to drink
But I'm old enough to smoke, so I gotchu on trees
That we're blowin' like the breeze, moving slowly til we freeze
I'm feeling open so I'm hopin' when life's over there'll be peace

[20 second pause for everyone to recover from Rysarm k**in' sh**]

[Verse π - Stormium]
Got so much money, ain't afraid to take my Benz for stunts
Got so much money, I walk around kicking b**hes'... toes
Got so much money, watches made of diamond, no agate
Got so much money, ain't scared to call someone a... douche
Got so much money, use orphan puppy skin to make a cape
Got so much money, tie girls up until they scream... 'No!'
Got so much money, I bought Apple out of stock
Got so much money, I can Fed-ex b**hes pictures of my... wallet
Got so much money, afford to stick Benjies up a stripper's butt
Got so much money, it's easy to land any dirty... female
Got so much money, throw it up people say 'It's dark out, son'
Got so much money, bank statements make b**hes shake like... shake weight

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