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Conch - Down lyrics

[Produced by LotD]

[Verse 1: Dunna]
Sometime's it's hard to keep my head straight
And I've been feeling like that dead weight
Got me pulling on them bootstraps
And I can't seem to get a headway [?]
And then you came along, told me baby play that song
Always thinking about you girl especially when my days are long
We on a holiday so far away this place is gone
If the skies the limit you've been taking me way beyond
And since you down, I ain't been down in a minute
Smile on my face since the moment you been in it
And when we goofing off, acting so kiddish, it really feels like we are never going to be finshed
You're like a pick me up, the coffee in my cup
You give me energy, I never need to give it up
You gave a hand and pulled me out when I was in a rut
You make me feel alive and I just want to live it up

[Chorus 1: Conch]
My phone's almost dead, my tanks out of gas
Ain't make it to cla** but no, no I don't get down
Since you been down
Inspiration I struggle to find, now it's been found
No, no, I don't get down, Since you been down

[Verse 2: Conch]
Uh huh
Okay push the beamer up the 82 [?]
Thinking about the days when these songs
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Are what I'm paid to do
But for now I'm chasing dreams, faded when I'm chasing liquor
Got a taste for [?] but moving quicker now that I'm chasing you
Making moves (so cliche), out of tune(before you came), now I hit the note with perfect pitch when I call out your name
You got me vibing, I caught you smiling again and now
I don't think I'm coming down

[Chorus 2: Conch]
Since you been down, I can't go round
I stepped outside now look what I found
Put on my song now we playing it loud
Since we been dancing girl I don't get down
I don't get down, since you been down
You came around and brought me around
How could I be down?
Yeah, Yeah, I don't get, I don't get down

[Bridge: Conch]
I don't get down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down

Since you been...

[Verse 3: Conch]
I was tripping up, got a pick me up now I'm slick as f** when I rap
Baby I was low as hell, now I'm high again, go tell everybody I'm back
Put on them fumes, had to get charged
I couldn't move, now I go far
Running my town, making these sounds
For everybody that's trying to get down, yeah, right


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