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Conch - 82 Freestyle lyrics

Marko on the beat whats good
Uh huh


82 Im a bar star
30 below in my carhartt
Its so cold when I spit, that my car need remote car start
Car parked, I get valet
On point no ballet
Always good but my price is high
Im the opposite of that Swiss Chalet
Always in a turnt spot it lit
Switch up like a third drop oh sh**
PDP thats the gang thats my clique
And the sub so loud that the house come down
Ba** turn the place to a club sold out
Got a line down my block and its so profound
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One more shot sit no way no how
Been shooting jager bombs till it all falls down
Cause its bohemia rhapsody
These girls bad but they act pretty
Your favorite rapper from the north side in my inbox to do a track with me
So shout out my crew my boo my bestfriends
Stevie Raiku my dude from the west end
Looking at my self in the mirror and Im thinking this is the only thing I wanna invest in
Trying to be next in, trying to be now
Trying to be turnt up trying to be loud
Trying to be cliche so I can make money and show my parents what I was talking about
We 5 miles from home, I got 10 percent on my phone, 15 minutes till last call so just tell me where we going





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