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Coldworker - Flesh World lyrics

Cast aside, I found you
So frail and weak
I released you from your pain
I was your savior
Host to a broken soul
I saw right through you
Devoured you
And took you in
Grinning with delight
My need to dominate
Another human life
Is finally satisfied
You will serve me well
A treat for my special taste
My hunger is at ease
I love the sight of flesh
Your nightmare now begins
So brace yourself
I'll provide unlimited pain
Yet there's more to come
Loyal you stand by me
Kept in a carnal leash
I own you
And rule you too
On rotten soil, where angels die
That is where you join my world of flesh
I see the beauty in open sores
Walk with me on the path to d**h
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Among the living, you're walking dead
To gather more guests to my world of flesh
I pull the strings, you will obey
Brick by brick we build a house of d**h
Shed your flesh
Pound by pound
Obey your master
My word is your f*cking law
Do it right this time
No games, but mine
Look into my eyes
Now shed your f*cking flesh
But everything will end
And here's yours
I'll release you from my leash
You're worthless now
Just skeletal remains
I gnawed you clean
I drained you
Of all that's good
Groaning with a thirst
My need to dominate
Another human life
Is never satisfied
You have served me well
But now you're just dead waste
My hunger never ends
A craving for more flesh

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