Cody Jinks - Mamma Song lyrics

Mamma Song lyrics


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[Verse 1] I got a half a six pack of Old Milwaukee And a half a bag of weed I can't do it like I did when I was a kid This is all I'm going to need Because I know you always worry about me drinking my dinner But I don't do that anymore I got me a sweet girl at home She's keeping food on the table Every night she keeps me warm So I've got me this piece of paper And I got my favorite pen I know it's been a little while And talking's not my style So I just had to write my friend [Chorus] Hey I'm doing alright mamma I'm ok, I know your late night talks with Jesus Have helped me on my way I know it wasn't always easy Raising my father's son And your son will be alright If the shows keep coming This old guitar and me are still strumming I know you always knew I always took it way too far But I'm doing alright now mamma I'm doing alright now mamma I'm doing alright now mamma I'm doing ok [Verse 2] You remember the time I was stuck in L.A.? And I didn't have a job And I didn't have a way to pay the bills that I racked up Yeah, you kept me from losing my truck Yeah, I'm a little better off now Than I was then But it's sure nice to see you calling me when I'm out there on the road Yeah, you calling to say "have a good show" [Chorus]

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