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Cody Coyote - Warrior lyrics

[Verse 1: Cody Coyote]

Let me paint you all a picture
A Mother's dying no elixir
Children crying cause they miss her
She's replying with a whisper
A woman dying and they kiss her
Asking why they cannot fix her
Addiction made the woman quiver
Made mistakes cause it hit her
Looking far beyond the bitter
A high never meant for quitters
She later made a fixture
Of needles, d** and the liqour
Now who the hell is gonna diss her
She knew the hell injected in her
Now what is found to deliver
Another shot to the liver

Warrior, I'm a warrior
Warrior, I'm a warrior

[Verse 2: Cody Coyote]

I walk street's full of addicts
They say Natives are the baddest
Who are they to manage
Lies based on habits
Cause not every Native has it
Some make life to be an average
Succeed to have advantage
Funny how they call us savage
Enough rumors and the non-sense
Stay strong province to province
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Cut the booze for alcoholics
Cut the noose if your on it
I refuse to be on it
That abuse that is haunted
They lied for they wanted
At least I'm being honest

Warrior, I'm a warrior
Warrior, I'm a warrior

[Verse 3: Cody Coyote]

See me I'm a warrior, Best friend's a warrior
Been to hell and back so for me that's a warrior
Tomahawks on corridors, Built up by foreigners
Tell me every fact that will bring back the warriors
No help from coroners, Tell poor to thirst
Don't mourn them at first, Swarm them to hurt
Swarm them to burn, Don't warn them at first
Watch as we turn, As one man will learn
Stand up and curve, The things that they curse
Stand up and earn, The things we deserve
Beautiful language I wish I could learn
I'd use it to thank them within every word
That woman you beat down you will no longer corner
That man on the street you will no longer torture
Those people you see give them their closure
Judging from me I would make sure there's order

Ogichidaa (x6)

Warrior, I'm a warrior
Warrior, I'm a warrior

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