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Cody Coyote - Can You Hear Me Now? lyrics

[Cody Coyote]

Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?
Let's go

Wake up every morning, I'm heading out to my day job
Waiting every morning, three buses is what I stay on
Visions not distorted, I focus until my days gone
Knowing what's important, My motive is that I stay strong
Cupboards often empty, groceries rarely heavy
Hunger pains are plenty, like that since I was twenty
Back to when we lost the house, Momma's car got repossessed
Back to when I had my doubts
The trauma starts, I'm feeling stressed
Anxiety, my rivalry that often found depression
A conscious mind was hard to find bounded by aggression
Can I see my time to be the one who found a lesson
Utilize my mind to see no violence and no weapons
Used to have a gun tucked inside a compartment
For haters who would wanna jump and ever try to start ish
Thinking bout all the nights in east side apartments
Now I'm done with living rough, I'm gonna be a star kid
Lifestyle glorified by hustling and trappin
Seeing there is more to life but struggling to happen
Working past the elements that had me feeling trapped in
Focus on what's relevant to help me make it rappin
Living life sober took my foot off the throttle
Living in the fast lane traps you in a bottle
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Looking life over, I've become a role model
Giving up my past days so my future ain't a problem
Focus on my dream, yeah I made that the motto
Working for that green, get my money like the lotto
Provide by any means, yeah I do that like pronto
They say nowadays I'm a hard act to follow
Growing out my hair which is teaching me some patience
Discipline, self respect, to honour what is sacred
My strength was always there but my courage had me waiting
Now that I have found it, it surrounds my motivation
Chose to be a leader for the future generations
Rising to the top with the highest elevation
Chose to be a speaker storytelling's in my nature
Who knew that hip hop would become my only savour
Old friends were getting locked up, some were getting shot up
This was the reality of how we all were brought up
Defied the odds that stopped us, do this for those lost ones
Found a way out, doing things I never though of
When I think of life I can't believe I almost let go
See me on your tv, read about me in the Metro
Citizen, CTV, CBC, let's go
Putting in the work but I'm never gonna rest though
Smudge bowls close when I'm writing every song
Asking for strength when I'm fighting every wrong
Accepting who I am with the strength to carry on
I'm sober, caring, resilient, strong

Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?

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