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Cody B. Ware - Your Girl's Here Pt. II lyrics

[Verse 1: Cody B. Ware]
I'm Masahiro Chono mixed with Sonny Bono
I'll take your b**h and make her Yoko Ono
Rocking a Kimono, worshiping my photo
Told me she been loving profit
That gorgeous goddess, Gothic lips
Black like a night on [?] when the moon is tropic
Told me she can't get a man, she love AT
She love the pentagram, I said "Yo baby, I don't give a damn"
Dreamer is my last name, Tommy is my first
I rap, I make deals, I worship mother Earth
I do not drive, but if I did my ride would be a hearse
That would be the way I'm living till the day my births reversed
f** you listen to this verse, f** you listen to a dare
You would never find another like he living in [?]
I rise, I never fail, they love, I did not [?]
I kidnap the vision of [?] Kennedy's tears
I'm Shane with a gold chain, name that'll all change
Who came with a name like mine? Changing the whole game

[Hook: Remy Banks & Jeff Donna] (x2)
I'm riding (Riding)
I'm rolling (Rolling)
That fire (Fire)
Is potent (Potent)
We pouring (Pouring)
That hundred proof
A hundred b**hes (Coming through!)
A hundred shots come at you
Doe, don't get too comfortable
World's Fair, your girls here
And she feeling wonderful

[Verse 2: Jeff Donna]
I be late for my arrival, but on time for my departure
Channeling a little Ari gold, Tony Stark & Siddhartha
On the mark like an archer, my sharpie a little sharper
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My denim is made of venom, this parka a little darker
Carpe Diem, you seen 'em with whiskey by the barrel
I am not your hero cause you're not in peril
I'm bout to eat your food and make sure that its habanero
You know the language, no comprede if its not dinero
I'm tryna be the symbol, shorties fainting when I say hello
Wearing purple, swing my staff, looking like I'm Donatello
b**h I think I'm Leonardo, b**h I think I'm Leonidas
I be the brightest, eat you jive turkeys and catch the Itis
Now I'm righteous with this Midas touch
And the slightest of sacrifices, you don't like me much
But see you soft dog, you soft core, get a soft drink as your beverage
This is boss rad, make you fall back, what you call that, if not leverage?

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 3: Prince Samo]
I be the Jason Voorhees of the orgy, and it's Friday in her coochie
I'm slashing and I'm splashing, leave my kids all on her gucci
Came through with a bad b**h looking like Diena
Cranberry colored shades and body shows like Selena
Dressed like Danny Zuko, put it in her two holes
Then shoot it in her third hole, b**h I'm Toni Kukoč
This ain't for no acting n***as
Might cut it down, get to packing, n***as
Roll it up, get to strapping, n***as
Might bust it up, get to clapping, n***as
Pop, pop, pop, reload, n***a, pop, pop, pop
n***a get hot, get shot
f** fear, f** foes, f** you n***a, f** hoes
I'm a little crazy, I'm a whole lot of gorgeous
Brown skinned-ed like Dora, do a whole lot of exploring
Catch me out in LA, wildin' out on Fairfax
Catch me out in Trinidad, sippin on some [?]
Mixed with Jack D or some Johnny Walker, Black
Under black God, black Godzilla, matter fact, n***a

[Hook] (x2)

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