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Cody B. Ware - Chromed Out lyrics

[Verse 1 (Nigel)]

Cruising round the city in a chromed out Dyno b**h
Riding rich you could see me high on all types of sh**
Tell me what the problem is
Riding with my posse on Broadway
Handle of Jack Daniels in broad day
Asking what the broad say, they can't really catch up
I meet ‘em at the Asian pub, treat ‘em to some Asian love
One cup of woo woo, three shots of silver
Vodka martini ‘cuz I'm feeling like that n***a
I like em shaken not stirred, in sockless oxfords
I'm kind of drunk, show me how that box work
Let's ride back to Q­U, pedal down that boulevard
First I gotta make some rounds, LES for open bars
Who do I keep drinking and searching for mean women
And clean linen, got a n***a speeding and head spinning
Too drunk to head home I might just start urlin'
Let's chain this to the street lamp and get it in the mornin'

[Chorus (Cody)]

Riding...don't you want to follow me?
Headed through the city mane
Don't nobody bother me
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‘Cus we be riding, vibing, this is how it goes
Pegs all chrome, occupied by some hoes
We vibing, riding, this is how it goes
Pegs all chrome occupied by some hoes

[Verse 2 (Samo)]

Riding wild fast down the boulevard of Queens
Pound in my backpack, pint in my jeans
Hair blowing in the wind like I'm Farrah - Fawcett
I'm saucy of course, I'm so awesome
Dirty white Vans looking beige and rather dapper
Nigel rocks a mustache looking like Frank Zappa
Blowing fast like Flash in a matte black Jag
Smoking hash mad blasted in the pastures
Bike frame painted same color as the moon lit
Bike chain spinning like I just signed to G­Unit
Weed rotation, never f**ing settling
Pa**in' bottles, pa**in' blunts all while still peddlin'
La vie en rose
I keep my pink shades on like I'm Liz Claiborne (laugh)
(Hold on, hold on, I made a reference to Farrah Fawcett and Liz Claiborne in the same f**ing
Verse...I'm that n***a)

[Chorus (Cody)]

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