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Cody B. Ware - B.O.T.P. lyrics

Look, I told Shorty I never heard of Cupid, had a one night stand with who Medusa used to be, and I paved the way for Lotharios and do some phantasmagoria upon every chromosome. - - - Party tonight?

[Hook] (x8)
It's your party! We at your party screaming "f** your party!"

[Verse 1: Nasty Nigel]
I slide through the door, with E&J, that's company for my liver
3 or 4 for the guest spots, I just don't give a
Thought I wouldn't [?] your function without my n***as
Catch us in your green room, drinking up your liquor
Out here, our reputation is Queens, f**ing your sh** up
Got the hiccups, on the richter, after frame-knocking your picture

[Verse 2: Prince SAMO]
Leather jackets all zippered up, f** around and get zippered up
Just a grown-a** man sipping liquor out of sippy cups
Bastards of the party, where's my father, n***a I don't know
I'm f**ing up the party that you corny n***as down to go
f** around, shut it down, fat b**h bend over, bustin' out
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Finna bust an ounce, till her p**y wide open
Skeet so much, they call her Billy Ocean
Then I'm the bad- a**- bully- gone- wild- as-
[?], slapping security, swinging billy clubs
This your party? We at your party screaming "f** your party"
That's your father? I'll fight your father screaming "f** your father"

[Verse 3: Cody B. Ware]
I keep my mind twisted like double dutch, this horny [?], I'd love to bust
Fantastic, magic, super savage, average crews can't f** with us
Get the cold shoulder, no jacket off, in pumps, I'm fast to ball
Kobe fur all mastadon, could you picture our triathlon?

[Verse 4: Jeff Donna]
Have to ask your mom, young vagabond, gone before she wake up
You're friend bout to get ate up, and its late out, don't wait up
You better pay up, I be in the cut and the life of the party still
Trynna make a ho faint, if I show restraint, cause your b**hes hardly will
What up?

[Hook] (x8)

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