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Cody B. Ware - '96 Knicks lyrics

[Hook: Prince SAMO]
This is it (what?) for the chip (what?)
We go out swinging before we can ever quit (what? what? what?)
Clear the bench (what?) catch a tech (what?)
It's like Miami and the Knicks, '96 (what? what? what?)

[Verse 1: Cody B. Ware]
Define synergy, divine energy
In my prime like Nas in '95 but I'm down to ride on my enemy
You ain't down to ride? Well you better be, better get a vibe, get a better me
Never let her mind, never let a dime, never let a rhyme get ahead of me
That just ain't in my pedigree, this song still hurts til I hit the hearse
Dope man that saved yo mystery as we'll go down in history
That world's fair, that Queens sh**, that New York, that dream sh**
That all-star, that team sh**, the kings stacks in yo queen b**h

[Verse 2: Remy Banks]
'96 Knicks and I'm feelin like
Houston fresh off the bench, with them clutch, 3 pointers
Got some weed for my consumption, shows from Queens to London
Got them fans screamin lyrics that I wrote in my apartment
After every show they be screamin for an encore
They jumpin off of sh**, God I'm thinkin it's parkour
In a foreign car, Testarosa dreamin
The way they changed leanin, got them little hookers screamin
World's Fair! World's Fair!

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[Bridge: Lansky Jones]
We haven't got what we earned
How you gon tell us that the World's Fair, World's Fair
And now we getting some burn
And now they screamin out the World's Fair, World's Fair

[Verse 3: Nasty Nigel]
It's off the books this year, look at this here
We getting mad money on computer desk chairs
We ain't new but this is ludicrous, how far that we got
We still record on the block with those that must've forgot
The only handout that I'm takin is a coupon, get yo group on
So hot up in the club I'm gonna take my shoes off
When all said and done it's gonna be my scene reppin
My heart is colder than Wesson vivisection Section

[Verse 4: Jeff Donna]
Mind of a master, never minding the master
Still a bachelor, 6 degrees to separate the feelings captured
I ain't gon tell you, waste my time or my year
I just do it, and when it happens look at you like yea
I'm light years ahead of you, might see us but the coast is clear
Who I'm supposed to fear? Flow like supernovas solar flare
Sneaking through the back just to see us front and center
World's Fair starting line-up, dim the lights down when we enter

[Hook] + [Bridge]

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