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Codeine Boy - Okay lyrics

Oh Oh Oh, I'm smoking strong
She said she f** with me the long way
Okay Okay O-
She top me off it feel like o-o-okay, it's okay

[Verse 1]
It's okay, I'm off damn thrax
Trynna find out where my head at
Show no love, love'll get you k**ed, yeah I said that
Hit you with this chopper in your head, that's a headache
Where your head at, okay I'mma hit that
Where your b**h at, okay I'mma hit that
n***a it's gon' be okay, get frito lay
Up this choppa like aloha, hit your skin Olay, compre-ende?
Smokin' on dope and you know I'm in my glory
If we ain't get you now, we get you later, end of story
d**h of this tutu, someone please mourn me
I was taught to shoot you, can't be avoiding it
You can't be ignoring it when these shots hit ya
When the gun down, I blow your brains I got tesla
Okay, okay, you want my monster way
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I'm smoking, I'm smoking, don't like no damn Rosé


[Verse 2]
It's okay, it be that time some way
You with the sh**s then you die homie
I'm sending hits out for my homies
Think I'm the sh**, okay okay okay
Look how I be riding by, high
You smoking dirt weed, you die high high
I be counting them Bens, she'll get down for the top like HA
I be coming out the trenches with a biga** choppa like GRAH
Aye Big Glo, it's gon' be okay
Shoot a n***a ten times in his face
My choppa look like Big Glo face
His times up, God is it okay
If I blow his face and I fail a case anyway
And is it okay if I have s** with [?] anyway
And is it okay if I blow these lil trees anyways
And is it okay if I tell the public anything


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