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Code Orange Kids formed in 2008 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The band started out playing "really straightforward punk," but would eventually take their music in a heavier direction with the introduction of new member Bob Rizzo who met members of the band at a local show.[3] By early 2012, the band described themselves as "doomy, abrasive" hardcore punk similar to Black Flag, Converge or Integrity.[3] The band found some difficulty touring in their early days. Because all the members went to various high schools in Pennsylvania, they weren't old enough to play at some of the clubs and could only tour between semesters. Despite this, Code Orange Kids opened for such bands as the Misfits, The Bronx, Nekromantix and Anti-Flag.[3] Early self-published releases from Code Orange Kids included 2009's Winter Tour Demo,[3] 2010's Demo 2010[3] and 2011's Embrace Me/Erase Me.[4] Code Orange Kids released the EP Cycles through Mayfly Records in 2011.

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