Cocoa Tea - Bruck Loose lyrics

(CHORUS whoa,who let him loose,who let him loose lord oh yea,see dem the devil broke loose again,ooh yo yo,corrupting the youthman even the doctors den oh yo yo,see it dem the devil broke loose again,and spreading the symtoms even to the little children mmmh.#)VERSE 1. Satan's a man who's a cunning little fox,when i cant stop tha fox from locking dem in tha box,he locks em in tha box and it throws away di key,he lets em all fall down in tha carribean sea oh yo yo{chorus}.2 You can see it and you can feel it with the vibes of the time,knife of cons goes and fire now linked all crimes,Revelation's fulfilling cant read the signs,domestic violence's like a past time oh yo yo {chorus}.3.Jah Lord's thy i shepherd I Shall i lie low,He needs i to lie in em pastures green,though i love Dis Heaven Lord,and I Cope and i capture run in Him Under.Chorus.
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*** Thanks Kenneth Karanja W. for the lyrics

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