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Cleo Engco - Dear Elijah lyrics

She knew it was wrong
This feeling's so strong
She wishes she could deny it
But there's no use
She tried to push the thought away
About her and him together this way

It's k**ing her cause she can't
Take away the pain in his eyes, in his eyes.
She wipe away the tears
As she saw him walk away, she thought about this, she thought about this.

Dear Elijah, it was never my idea
To push you like this (2x)
Dear Elijah, it was never my intention
To hurt you like this (2x)
But this is for the best
Baby, they think this is a mess
I love you, Elijah but we can never be
Dear Elijah, would you please (2x) Let me go..

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Verse 2:
She knew from the start
They couldn't last that long
The ending is still uncertain
But she have to end this
Misery, depression is written all over her face
He begged her to stay (2x)

(Repeat Refrain & Chorus except Let me go)

She told him to leave
She pushed him away
Tears kept on rolling
Down their faces
She shouted the words
She never meant to say
She's setting him free
But he don't wanna be free
He want to say

As she saw him walk away, she thought about this (2x)

(Repeat Chorus)

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