I Got Caught Making Love

I Got Caught Making Love lyrics


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[Spoken] I'm gonna rap to ya a little bit About two feelings that we all know about And they are Loneliness & Temptation Now I know, at sometime or the other, everybody gets lonely And when you're lonely, you sit at home Watch the telephone, hopin' it would ring Or you turn on your favorite DJ Hopin' that he might play something that would ease your mind But when none of these things come about You go out, and you start searchin' And that's when you meet Temptation Well, I know what I'm speaking about, because Something happened to me a few months ago I never expect it to happen, I didn't look for it But when I found it, I really did like it Maybe this song will explain what I mean [Sung] I went over To see my friend yesterday His old lady told me He was gone away She said she was burning With desire And she wanted me To put out the fire [Chorus] I got caught Making love To another man's wife Yes, I did Y'all ain't gonna believe me But I got caught Making love To another man's wife Yes, I did She told me To step inside the door And then she reached over And turned the lights way down low And before I knew What was goin on She was in my arms And suddenly Her old man Walked through the door! [Chorus] Now I know What I did Was a shame and a sin But if I had the chance And wasn't in this hospital I'd do it all again! [Chorus] I'ma tell all you men out there! Don't ever get caught Making love To another man's wife! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah...

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