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Chuck Mason - Tutankhamun's Gold lyrics

[Verse 1: Chuck Mason]

Feeling like the reincarnation of King Tut

Peace god, Jehovah Shalom, descending Osiris
Just know my eyelid's Cyclops' and then innately cover Illuminati's iris
I'm sorry Isis, immortal life is comprised with immoral vices
I've slightly imported vice grips beside Crips

School these whack rappers and Columbine 'em
Combine 'em, indite 'em, incite 'em, invite 'em, indite 'em to the eulogy ignite 'em
With the flame that I spit, cremate 'em then vacuum 'em up for proper burial
That in a trash bag's where I place them

Lyrical pallbearers carry verses from the hearses to the grave
Wine sipping communion cups won't get you saved
Control these bars like a Rikers warden with high importance
Then bus driver uppercut you, black ranger I'm might morphin'

Mouth is an iron fist, tongue is an iron sword
Unfit kings cower from battle so they won't die at war
Live like a coward you'll die like one
And fear the power you forfeit controlled by the righteous one, I might be him

Too many squares in your circle, not enough octagons
So the question that I propose to you, who gon' stop me huh
The retard sh**, these retards spit
You should moniker it Radio, ironic it's on radio

Sent my sh** to deejays never mind that they won't play me though
Ask about the best in my city, bet they gon' say me 'ho'
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Should you ever get the thought to never mind this
Get on your Mos Def, be kind rewind this for king

Yeah, rewind this for a king, please rewind this for a king, yeah

This verse fit for a king that can go to war with d**h and never let fear show
Rappers acting like bomb threats when they swear they're 'bout to blow
So I'm standing in the midst of them waiting for destruction
They salute me with their hands up like their waiting on instruction

Not satisfied with home, this hate got me disgusted
Forced to abdicate the throne by the loved one I've entrusted
Incompetence of tyrants trying to break what I've constructed
But I built this up with love, that in itself is indestructive

They build me just to break me, love me just to hate me
Studied my demeanor only solely to debate me
You'd think that for my loyalty these mother f**ers thank me
But their building my memorial little busters trying to shank me

n***as hate me, b**hes love me
I put my city on my shoulders then I shrug thee
Devilish grin for these n***as trying to mug me
I'm a snail I got hard shells for these n***as trying to slug me huh

A king's tears is seldom seen and seldom shown
This king's tears is for his house and for his throne
So sinner saints, I let the liquor paint the crown
To drown the evils painting greed across the town

I shut 'em down

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