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Chuck Mason - Summer's Eulogy II lyrics

[Verse 1: Chuck Mason]

Do you see it in your dreams
Understand it's well within your means, well within your speech
Well within your grasp when you reach for the stars
In you mind's where it starts, all desires of your heart

Just race toward it admonishment's yours
Always forward, we move onward
To hell with these naysayers, care what they think (nah)
Blind to my truths, I don't care what they see

Would you never take precaution to my foresight if I was blind
Trigger another thought, to blow your mind
If I was poor, would you pay this poor man to afford
All the value of his words, if the phrases that I prophesied were priceless

Yeah, throw me a mic check
I'm going over heads, I think I might digress
But I ain't never seen air brakes for Learjets, I'm soar
Spiritually rich, but literally poor

How many times do you travel down the road that you walk
Feel like the devil playing with your soul and your thoughts
So you broke n***a stroll, your way to the floor
Avoid a dance with the devil, if not hey here it goes

Yeah, she's looking real fly in her hair was a rose
How that thorn crown feels, her lungs now filled
With that white girl twirling in Pyrex heels
Morpheus colloquial and bright red pills

Devil in a red dress, that mother f**er Prada
We resting on my headrest at a suite at the Ramada
Way a n***a head turn, you need a exorcist to cure it
Told God I need two virgin specialists to cure it

Like, how far a n***a get for being modest
How far a n***a get for being honest
How far a n***a get defying logic
2012 Christmas list, I put Ferrari and a goddess

Do they understand why am I always overlooked
Scholastically conversed about but always under-booked
Blind world, if they'd only take a look
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Ruling wisely from the castle, but still scheming with the crooks

Crooks without a dollar or a dream
More Cornell West, a scholar with a scheme
Yeah, more Cornell West, a scholar with a scheme

[Hook: Young Maine]

This life. Tell me what you know about it
Cause I've been trying hard not to float up out it
It starts then it's over, but I know I own this life

Is your demise what you're living for
And so, I ask what you're here for
Eternal hell's what you're in for
If God ain't in your life

[Verse 2: Said Craig]

Let us mourn, for today we remember not someone but a time
Because those never go away they stay
They stay with us and represent who we once were
And who are you

A slave or one of the brave
A king with regalia and rings or just a jester with a chain
When the heat increase, the chill decreases literally
And the temperatures rise in the people as well as the skies

The girls and the guys dress less
Tell more lies but the wise can see through the display
'Cause we know in the summer the sun is the farthest away
We are the light

The bearers of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding
Pharaoh's descendants. Seasons change and we evolve, problem solved
Goodbye summer, we will miss you for only a time
And reason and rhyme in anticipation of what the future will bring

Until then we remain loyal to the regime
Let our emancipation ring for the summer's hold on our being
Bow to your highness, salute and kiss the ring
Peace to the Earths, peace to the Stars, peace to the elders
And more over peace king

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