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Chuck Mason - See The Light lyrics

[Verse 1: Chuck Mason]

One step away from hell, two steps away from heaven
No, my soul ain't for sell, feel like the devil got his bid in
Should probably write a hymn, the Lord see a n***a sinning
Money bought too many L's but still you see a n***a winning

Money and my Jesus piece, hundreds at the reverend
But I know that through your son's the only way that I'm forgiven
Find strange that few words explain the threat of my position
Keep control of my soul through your parole and your dominion, listen

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[Hook: Young Maine]

Standing in the darkness, with my back against the wall
And I can't see the light, see the light (oh no)
And I don't know if I'm wrong, so please tell me if I'm right
'Cause I can't see the light, see the light (oh no)

[Verse 2: Chuck Mason]

Yeah, we don't sin and expect for a saintly outcome
We don't k** and expect to hear heaven's welcome
I'm just saying you don't smoke to avoid cancer
Why knock at the devil's door and expect for the Lord to answer

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