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Chuck Mason - See Me Now III lyrics

[Verse 1: OutSpok'N]

Thankful we made it through another summer solstice
The drought dried lakes and forced tears in the previous year
Emotions that once captivated, evaporated, lacerated
Hope and choke speaking about change

In my city complacent dwells adjacent to the truth
Proof gets pistol whipped stomped and kicked all over some chains
And a pocket full of change so I adapt

They'll never catch me sleeping
Out East? Please. Emotions on shoulder turn to tattoo sleeves
And ghetto turned to ratchet but Black is still the way to be
Open up your eyes and see. I've bleed and grinded in these streets

360 no rails no lunch pails
Maybe a tools and a couple bails if it all fails
THIS IS MY CITY! Folktales of hope and the smell of hard work pressed on our shirts
Jeans filled with dreams and reminders of our work

If you don't work, you don't eat
That power takes a cheap fair but the deposit is steep
There's a new composite of Yin & Yang
And more than ever n***as is getting beat

It's live by the street or take your smart a** to school
But it's hard to feed the fam' off art cla** and cool
Cool if you like it, but my growing pains need Vicodin
At night, it tends to heighten

When i stop to shed some light on life and how I got enlightened
I escaped to I-State where I was writing like a Titan
I declared war on my pad, no sword or even a knife
But my pen was like a trident, never before nothing like it

My notebooks couldn't hold it in like bottled up lightening
So it spilled out on stage, i mean these fillings I be fighting
You win some you lose some, but you can't take 'em all
Even with you back against the ropes, it's never cool to take a fall

If you slip get your grip don't pause
This cause is effected by those rejected and disrespected
The wretched neglected who we bullsh** and drink piss for breakfast
It's hectic, but this is just a preface to the message

And it's simple you can e-mail, Instagram, or text it

[Verse 2: Chuck Mason]

I put on for my city, all it's residence attest to this
Shot straight up to the top that all contenders wore a vest for this
The flow was heaven sent y'all thought I scripted out a testament
Pharaoh wouldn't free the flow Chuck Moses lead the Exodus

The best what'd you expect this is
How y'all rappers neglect this sh**
Got game from the greatest that never made it to protect this sh**

Wait, just wave hi when you see me. It's a long way to the top ...

The blood of a champion, perseverance of losers
Tossed perfect ultimatums, only the strongest can be choosers
I ran laps on tracks for hours, the bomb now I am callused
A message to you doubters telling them all to s** a phallus

Balance missiles, pistols, poems, lyrics, city, and a Psalms
The world is in God's palms but my city's in my arms
But I doused myself with napalm, b**h I'm bout to blow
These other n***as rapping bomb threats, saying the blowing but I doubt it tho

Head hunting for that crown, Indianapolis my town
Control that reign, hold your head down in shame until you drown
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Dark blood of the martyr spews from lead of the author
Only real n***as survive and the fake n***as get slaughtered

Arsynado da Vinci, I paint pictures for the blind and cite wisdom the deaf
There's no wonder why no one feels me
Filthy, I bathe my lyrics fast
Make sure your tongue and lips
Don't grip, just kiss my a**

So when you see me

[Verse 3: Alex Stone]

Was stressing thinking I'll never bare resemblance to success
Practiced patience in private, my own cosmetic surgeon I guess
So n***a watch me while I operate, yeah

Ok uhn

Was stressing thinking I'll never bare resemblance to success
Practiced patience in private, my own cosmetic surgeon I guess
So n***a watch me while I operate the new face of the game
And please cooperate, it's better to just adjust to the change

So please cooperate, I got it locked don't try adjusting change
Lyrical warfare I'll pen out incendiary grenades
So my suggestion's you need to adapt to this Indiana Fever
Stone and Mr. Mason sh** about to heat up

And they used to talking but I bet the next time they see us
They have their hand out like I'm supposed to palm read ya'
But I ain't feeling these n***a might've suffered anesthesia
See Me Now but 'Nap town has slept on me like Posturepedic

And I was told you fail to plan then you plan to fail
Sold my book of rhymes and my daily planner as well
And in the grand scheme of things I'll inevitably
Boy the clique is UvE, these other n***as SNL

[Verse 4: Sincere Tha Truth]

Uhn, What it do world, back for the first time
Was sipping Pinot Grigio when I heard through the grape vine
That the world been looking for me well tell 'em I ain't hard to find
Might need your flashlights out in the day time

So tell'em all that hating's motivating sh**
Always had the drive, just no means of transportation
My ambitions as a rider's like 2Pac, picture me rolling all through your town
I'm like two Pacs, that's no Biggie, but still I get around

So why the f** these n***as hate me, I'm everything they can't be
They ask for handouts, I tell 'em f** you and pay me
Squares in my circle but I'm still in good shape G
And that's word to Chuck Mason, just be patient we gone make it

Let's just embrace the love that they show us though it's disguised as hate
Don't f** with n***as or b**hes I'd rather masturbate
And bypa** fate, fear the top, support my weight
And should I fall let my demise just be great

So when you see me what's good

So wave hi when you see me
It's a long way to the top so wave bye when you see me
And I'm sitting all alone no wonder why you can't see me
High as f**, I swear don't need to catch a contact to see me

Couldn't work in my boots nor run in my sneakers
And when these fakers hear my verse just don't start calling for features
Not being facetious, I told em I'm like two Pacs bastards
And these n***as all caput they like 2Pac backwards


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