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Chuck Mason - See Me Now II lyrics

[Verse 1: Chuck Mason]

There's a certain obligation when blessed with this opportunity
Put on for the 465, the whole world
Here we go! Yeah

How your name go from never being heard of, now it's buzzing in these streets
From these 'ho's ain't trying to f** to sending p**y through a tweet
Being humble on the low, doing shows for the free
Trying to get it to the point promoters pay a couple G's

So what's good? n***as don't give respect and I don't need it
Walk around with my nose stuck up, their saying I'm conceited
Grind hard, bust a nut and make your ear drums conceive it
Hear me cumming on these tracks like a train, I got you thinking

That this object immovable should meet this force unstoppable
The outcome's Summer's Eulogy the detail's catastrophical
Proved that all is possible by doing the impossible
This is a negro spiritual we shall overcome these obstacles (yeah)

Kumbaya to see me put on for the 'Nap
My line are my reality, the lines I spit are fact
The only n***a to put this city on his back
Then walk the globe to put the city on the map

So holla back, 'cause when you see me

[Verse 2: Chuck Mason]

And so, y'all always asking me questions like this

Chuck Mason what's the secret to success, f** haters get money fast
'Cause don't nobody owe you sh** except a f** you when they pa**
Always lend a hand they'll hate you before they thank you
See them hating on a n***a you'd think that they would then hang you

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Yeah, Jesus protect me from them all
I just bought this fifth of Grey Goose help me drink away my sorrows
Success got me focused on my present, I negated blessings
And forgot to pray for my tomorrows

Lord won't you guide me through this life while I'm living in this hell
And when I stand amidst my foes let no plans they have prevail
My feet pace weary, this winding road's long
Deter these people judgment when they see me doing wrong

If I'm ever doing wrong, Lord prepare me for this life
Eyes protected by my shades Lord prepare me for these lights
'Cause it's likely that they watch to see me struggle on my own
But make it clear that I ain't standing here alone ... perfect

[Verse 3: Chuck Mason]

Yeah, I need my Marion County Kings crown on ... yes sir!

My city needs a savior, in my mind I know I'm made for this
All of this is well deserved. In time I spent I paid for this
My city full of nonbelievers, most devout atheists
But boy I preach that flame, they caught that Holy Ghost and prayed for this

My nights I spent alone they wasn't with me
Now opposers whisper Chuck Mason's a whore because the whole city been f**ing with me
Know they still got hate, they just conceal it
And I'm very much convinced the kid is verbal braille no pedophile they feel it

Flow deprived of being slept on, no medicinal could heal it
Conrad Murray to the mic, no thriller night, well b**h I k** it
Posing rappers, fictitious trappers, all claim to be the realest
Think that somewhere, someone along the line must've redefined what real is

Only care enough to ramble though or argue with my family
And my Friday night life consists of Black & Milds and Brandy
And these Friday night lights could make this hustle seem so fancy
I'm just trying to be everything that my fans see ... So if you see me

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