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Chuck Mason - Black Blood lyrics

[Verse 1: Chuck Mason]

I swear little honey bad, got a fetish for the finer things
Keep them s**y eyes behind Dior designer frames (yeah)
Keep them breasts perked up, Birkin bag pursed up
Language so siddity when she speaks it sounds rehearsed

But the more I start to listen, I can tell the sound is hurt
Hear the pain in every decibel's a verbal map of her
Scars on her flesh, marks on her breasts
And you can't put a value on that diamond 'tween her legs

And her father ain't resist, he ain't see her as his child
The lust in his eyes, the love from her smile
Raped child turns wild, loves the feeling of the night
Spread them legs 'cause a n***a said that p**y feeling right

Giving head 'cause she fearing that twat ain't feeling tight
Gotta get them bills paid and buss it open for the night
All is dark when you spend your life living in the night
You gon' cry trying to make it through this life

Black Blood

[Chorus 1: Chuck Mason]

What she received from her father she looked for in other n***as that would holler
So how deep your hatred run, how deep your hatred run, that you can't be a father to your girl
Deserved the stars and the moons, every diamond every pearl, every river every mountain in the world
So how deep your hatred run, how deep your hatred run

[Verse 2: Chuck Mason]

There was a young n***a from the block we used to hit the street and slap box
Quick to burn lead, burn heads like a match box
Said I turn fed when trying to get him in the church
That the Lord don't answer prayers, blessings come in from the work

Started hustling with some n***as from the turf
Pledged allegiance said he with 'em til the dirt
Learned the hard way that words is only words
'Cause I ain't see them n***as round when we commit him to the earth

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These young n***as had a plan to get this bread
Hit a sweet lick, the dope man keep the money in his bed
Snuck up at his crib, told my n***a go ahead
Should've known it was a set up, they put two inside his head

So, loyalty's a tricky little bastard
The code of G's just as iffy as those bastards
All is dark when you're living in the night
You're gon'trying to make it through this life

Black Blood

[Chorus 2: Chuck Mason]

Reasons why you failed him as his father, what's it like to have a failure as a father
So how deep your hatred run, how deep your hatred run, that you can't be a father to your sun
Deserved the stars and the moons, lessons taught and overcome, look at you and fear what he might become
So how deep your hatred run, how deep your hatred run

[Verse 3: Chuck Mason]

She used to f** him like a p**n star til she found out that he was cheating
Broken heart and vows, he was creeping
Sneaking out the bed room while she's sleeping, Thinking about freaking
Propped his daughters door took a peek in

Covered up her mouth to stop the screaming
Grunts and heavy breathing
Gasps in disbelief, what wifey's seeing
Let off two shots into the ceiling
"You trifling mother f**er I'mma k** you. I'mma let off every shot until it fills."

Her son comes running, hatred burning through his stomach
Kicked his father out the house, situation makes him vomit
Months later not in logic links with neighborhood G's
Heart colder than Chicago's winter Lakeshore breeze

His anger and misguided loyalty would bring him to his fate
Dying by the street and on his knees
And see how steep, that bloody river seeps
Drowning all trying to stay afloat in the deep

Black Blood

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