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Chuck Leavell - Back To The Woods lyrics

I woke up this morning and the clock was striking for
mhm my baby told me you'd better pack your bags and go
I'm gonna pack my suitcase and move back to the woods
I'm gonna pack up my suit case move back to the woods
'cause ain't nobody here needs me any good
just to show as a good loan sewed up in heaven above
yeah just to show as a good lord should up in heaven above
now your life ain't no pleasure unless you be with the one you love

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yes is going down to the rive seat right down on the
well if my heart striker sorrow my tears go rolling
now she little and she low right down to the ground
yes she little and she's low right down on the ground
all the reason that I love her she ain't no hand me down
mhm it gonna sing no more
I said mhm my my it gonna sing no more, no more
now my chain I tell waiting baby I got to go
oh baby

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