Chronixx - Tenement Yard (News Carryin' Dread) lyrics

Tenement Yard (News Carryin' Dread) lyrics


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(Rrra aaaa aaa aa) And I say he that keepth his mouth, you know Yeah, They shall be Longer Live Wooo Wooo Wooo ooohooo [Verse 1:] I say I never ask you Nothing weh you tell me I beg you daily to seize and you still keep talking Wooo Wooo Wooo ooohooo Me granny tell me, from me a little baby He that keepeth his mouth, shall stay out a problem (rah ha ha ha) Wooo Wooo Wooo ooohooo [Chorus:] Seems like you is a News carrying dread So I, ain't tarrying on yah Same mouth that, chatter with me Will, chatter of me Mouth murder, big informa [Hook:] Oh dreaaaaadd! Your mouth ago but you inna problem Wah wah wah ah ha Big big problem Oh dreaaaaadd! I say, you mouth ago but you inna problem Wah wah wah ah ha You a go bawl, say sake a your mouth You a go weep, say sake a your teeth Yeah, shall mek you bawl, sake a your mouth Every thief is a liar Every liar is a thief [Verse 2:] 'Memba you tell me Teflon hate me Then you tell Teflon, "Chronixx say, him hate him like a dose a poison" (Don't believe you) You wicked ehhhhh You tell me woman say me have another lady Then you tell me, say she have a man weh live a Horizon Murder..Mouth a ma**ieeee [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Hook] Chronixx! You mouth never ease, nuh sleep, nuh slumber (weh you mean?) So me know you is a Peter Plunder Come in like you nuh fear the man weh roll the thunder (never) So me feet shall cast with thirty-two teeth a sunder [Hook (2x)]

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