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Chronixx - Modern Warfare lyrics

Yo Isah,
You mean to tell me say if me nuh go inna di army...
No free tuition?
Yes I
Nana na
A who fund di war?

[Verse 1:]
Tribal war inna Libya
Tribal war inna Syria
Look how people a live in ya
Watch Oliver kill Olivia
Brother a fight 'gainst sister
Rasta against the minister
People against prime minister
Formula fi war and sinister
Government safe pon di hillside
People a dead pon di outside
A dem buy gun gi' the both side
Then a laugh and floss pon boat ride
Plus them never yet get blame,
Full a big words pon news, dem a explain, haha
A listen them line ya truly
Fi every youth weh dead pon line a duty
Mi seh..

There's no peace inna war,
Drive by inna car
They don't know what they are,
fighting for
Poppa cry, Mama bawl
They don't know what they are fighting for

A who fund di war?
A who fund di war?
Yes I

[Verse 2:]
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The one ya make your heart leap
"Starting tomorrow me a start t'eif
Because the war funded by wall street
And me couldn't get the school fee when me ask fi it
So me a go commit pure murder
Do the cruelest thing you ever heard of
Run through lanes and villages
Then me will the scholarships fi di colleges"
That was the voice of African
Youth weh get trick by babylon
Another youth fall victim
To babylon's stinking system


Nana na
A who fund di war?
A who fund di war?
Fi di youth dem, nana
Fi dem troops yah,
Weh nuh know weh dem a shoot fa

[Verse 3:]
Some say the ending a draw night
But me say the starting a draw near
Come people make we start fight,
Fi put an ending to modern warfare
Babylon make me tell you dis,
Without bias and prejudice,
No ghetto youth nah benefit
So send di chorus go to Benedict


Children dying of cancer...
And dem say dem no have no answer...
Huh, warfare a get di whole a dem sponsor
Get we money and waste it, and a poor people a face it
Take we money build pure banks, and build spaceships


Oooh yeah, Yes I

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