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Chronixx - Beat & A Mic lyrics

Woi yeah....
Nah nah nah...

Gimme di one drop beat & a mic
Let me talk from mi heart, ah nuh pretend mi pretend yeah
I love free I & I, nuh deal with hate
A just di love mi defend
Mi say love, love, it is the key yeah
To uplift mankind
And mi say love, love
It is a gift from the savior divine

Mek mi tell yuh dis

[Verse 1:]
Love nuff like sand pon a sea shore
Stronger than any C4
Keep Jah love inna your heart, stay pon the righteous path, I beg you, please don't detour
And mi say love and patience
Fly over crows and ravens
Children are dying, who a go save them?
Chant a psalm say a prayer, Selah, Amen
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[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
Love is the gateway to the universe
Hatred will gi' you the hearse
A love mi sing inna mi chorus
And a it mi chant through mi verse
Seek Jah love, don't cry my love
Don't be weak my love Just try Jah love...
Don't make your heart full of hate & grudge
Seek, and you will find Jah love

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3:]
Wow oh oh
How you fi love Jah, and hate Chronixx?
I love you brother, do nuh stray from it
Keep Jah love inna your heart, stay pon the righteous path, mi a beg you, do nuh (please don't) stray from it
And them say, finders keepers
And them say losers feel it
But all who find love keep it
Sow Jah love, and let the righteous reap it

[Repeat Chorus (3x)]

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