Christopher Martin - Steppin lyrics

Steppin lyrics

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[Verse 1] When wi touch the road nothing nuh clash A-team pull up and h=the yazza dem a flash Bush to the bone, pocket full a cash When the gyal dem si wi all a dem a scream Oh my God! Drop cards, dem a fire gash Deh pon the paper chases like a 100 meter dash Step up pon the stage because the works dem haffi bash A suh the cameras dem a flash [Chorus] Me and my friends Steppin, steppin, steppin You know we and the ladies will be Steppin, steppin, steppin A seh the big yard crew will be Steppin, steppin, steppin You know a big deal business when we Steppin, steppin, steppin [Verse 2] You hear the thing go suh wush, wush Benz just pa**ed Pa** in a dark gla** Music a blast Nough girls waan have mi fi dem breakfast If a nuh second or first, is a first cla** Badmind and haters get embarra** Step in a the future, some live in a the pa** When wi a step wi crush the snake under the gra** Chris Martin sing da hook yah fast [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 3] When wi touch the club wi change the scene Put away the local cause tonight we spending green Mix the Shawn Sawn yes wid the Hennessy Have a tension we the gyal dem just a pree 24 inches and a very mi machine Higher than the haters all the scheme weh dem a scheme Dem a try fi stop the food but they can never come between Some a follow we like we and it a family [Repeat Chorus]

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