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Chris Brown - Wonder Woman lyrics

(feat chris brown) (chris brown - chorus)
tonight i want me a wonder woman
that can save my life
wanna feel her power right now
a real wonder woman
come be my hero
you can take your cape off
you dont need that to save my heart
you just need to take me i know you can fly
because i see you in the skies (tyga)
damn she bad damn she bad
heels with the matching bag
mirror with the lip gloss
lick her lips then she laugh
lady gaga colored mac
all her friends using that
she could be on magazines but she aint really into that
owww damn she bad
had to say it twice its gettin' late
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you should spend the night
no rushing thangs got a whole lot of game
and i'm stuck in my ways but just for you i'll change
polaroid camera put this moment on your freezer
5 in the mornin' yawning kiss ya while you sleepin'
half awake i can see you peekin'
wake up baby cuz (chris brown - chorus) (tyga)
all sh** aside
i love the way you walk
you got that indie glow
give me some time to watch
freeze freeze you put my heart into anesthesia
i love you 'round the clock wont stop till i get enough
overtime overtime i put in for that valentine
know you appreciate it baby lingerie la perla lacing
lets get naked rip our clothes off
i'm the doctor you my nurse in a uniform
head game outta control super heroes on the floor
bruce banner beat it up then i turn into the hulk
be my betty ross make the bed rock (all night long) (chris brown - chorus)

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