Chris Brown - Stranger Things lyrics

Feat : Joyner Lucas

[Verse 1 – Chris Brown]
Bottles and a bucket full of ice “yeah”
Better make room, vroom hear the lambo “celebrate”
B---h better believe that I'ma sniper “yeah”
You know I'm about to take you from your man tho “so celebrate”
Pop up with the chopper and artificial n----s acting like b-----s done started up a epidemic
It don't make a difference, n---a we winning,I'm plenty grinning
A hundred million platinum f-----g you ain't got to listen “celebrate”
You better step down to me, feel the d--k b---h open up your mouth for me
Now choke, talk to the d--k honestly
I'm dope, b---h, comming me like eenie meenie miney mo “celebrate”
I don't like when I lose, if I don't buy for them shoes, I don't like those “regulate”
Do anything that i want to it, think I'm gonna dance on the moon like Michael “elevate”

[Verse 2 – Joyner “Chris Brown”]
While I'm driving, I'm moon walking in the sky
Say shooters be jumping inside the buick
You duck and hide from the Rugers
A couple choppers, acoustic and the guitar
When the music is I'm alive and I used to get stuck inside of the cubics
I never lie with the truth
I'm so f-----g tired of these losers
And all my life wanted the food
When its summer time and the juice
But I'd rather die than to lose
It's a matter of time ‘fore i lose it
And strategize with the movement
Walk in the trap like a boss, ooh
Hoe, you know I'm dripping with the sauce, ooh
Pretty with a face full of scars, all they do is build me up
Try to take me apart. They don't never want to “celebrate”
Like you have a label call the doctor heard the chopper make 'em do the macarena

All you n----s sweet as candy, chocolate chip and I relate to Jolly Ranchers, stick to bubblegum and watermelon flavored
Get the paper i'ma “celebrate”
On the corner
Heard you n----s got the juice, but I got Corona
Got a little spanish b---h that I call, my maricona
Joyner Lucas, b---h, I'm hotter than a f-----g sauna
Yeah, I make you n----s “elevate”
All you new n----s don't do it for me, look
B---h, I'm the professor, you a student to me “woah”
Designer shades on, like you cooler than me “wait”
All we do is win, you a loser to me
Rappers wanna talk about battle me “Joyner”
You can't give me neck with a mouth full of cavities
Bunch of lil' n----s tried grabbing me
Five foot five, boy, you n----s like half of me
You don't wanna see the other side of me
Hard to make 'em happy, all these b-----s stay mad at me
I just might take her around to Applebee's
Give her long d--k and a strawberry daiquiri

[Verse 3 – Chris Brown & Joyner Lucas]
All the Cheesecake Factory bubbling, why your mumbling?
Watch you utter, stop stuttering
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Watch you spin, let me double it
Lime green ‘Rari, two twins, call 'em double mints
If all you p---y n----s my kids, are in trouble then
Shut up before I spank you for acting up
Now I'm waking up in cabanas, b---h she bad as f--k
And all gorillas don't want bananas, unless your chain is tucked
You wiggity-wack with the strap
You cross criss, make you jump
I criss cross with the pump
Ain't no b---h in the trunk
Leave that s--t for the chumps
I still get what I want
Don't wanna believe in my mom, but you believe in my dump
I'm taking a knee for my side, could give a f--k 'bout their owners
N---a, look at my eyes, you 'bout to give me my bonus
And every m-----------g record is a hit, if I record it “celebrate”
And every m-----------g snitch up in this b---h, they reported “celebrate”
You paved your way for this fade, and can't even afford it
Seventy-five mill, look at me now “celebrate”
And, all these bad b-----s can't keep their feet down “elevate”
You don't really wanna see Brown
Need to stop all that s--t talking, put the seat down
Joyner, I don't really feel these n----s
Hol' up, I ain't gotta pay to k** these n----s
Time is money, need to f--k around and bill these n----s
Vet, so I'm finna good will these n----s
I'ma k** these n----s
I should grill these n----s
Take flex, Fresh Prince, Uncle Phil these n----s
Oh s--t, I'm the s--t, you could smell me n---a
Brake ribs, yeah, you don't want no real beef, n---a
I say Asalam Alaikum when I tear apart the bacon
Hoe, you acting like a pig, you f-----g filthy, n---a
Now the police tryna locking up in the prison, said I'm guilty
I said da da da da da, come and k** me n---a..

[Verse 4 – Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown]
They must've forgotten I'm pyscho
Oh you want war? Say no more
Turn your f-----g block into a light show
You better be sure, better be sure
I'm the realest n---a, and that I know
And I'm so bored, I might switch cars
I'm saving a lotta money on Geico
And neighbors knocking on my door, what the f--k you want?
B---h, I'm Irak
Listen n---a, mind your business, I'm so sick of n----s tryna be how I've been living my life
Sick of rubbing shoulders, now I'm running over every m----------r who ain't wanna get in my ride
I was watching, you was shopping
Ain't never had the s--t in my side
Now I'm popping, I'm popping, your b---h keep hitting my line
It's complicated, keep f-----g up with my main b---h, giving it to the side b---h at the same d--n time
Put it my face, never wasting it, I'ma lay in it, hit it, hit it, one more time
And then I'ma proceed and play with the p---y
You know I don't keep my cape on a hoodie
But I give a uzi, it's a doozie, make a movie if you're acting so “celebrate”

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