Chris Brown - Only (Funk Flex Freestyle) lyrics

Only (Funk Flex Freestyle) lyrics


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Caught a contact high I'm runnin' record labels till my contract bought All that thuggin' for this new sh**, say aye I'm a man, you a mannequin, don't f** with fake guys Hold up, a n***a dope like a n***a slang pies A n***a slang wood, she gon' feel it in her pipes If the p**y good, get the ding-a-ling twice Cause the chain put them other p**y n***as on ice I eat her booty, give the p**y hickies Licky licky lookin' for a booty like Nicki's Drum roll when I stick dick on top of titties And your n***a 'bout to finish in a matter of minutes, I'm winnin' I'm settin' world records, they should put me in Guinness I'm 'bout to put my whole leg in it when I'm finished She got me on my third leg in the ninth inning But when she kiss the head, my God, I'm finished She got the body of a model, when I'm sippin' on the bottle I'm about to spend the money on her When she givin' me the neck, she gon' really get the check Get the check like a money order Got the Colombianas in the kitchen Workin' with the soda, I ain't talkin' bout Coca-Cola And all this money to the ceiling, I ain't worried 'bout the world Cause I got it sittin' on my shoulder I don't f** with you p**y boy I'm just f**in' your p**y, n***a Your b**h finna want me, my money right now You paid for it, I'mma book you n***a A hundred round comin' out the barrel of the drum A cold n***a, your b**h f**in' with a winner Said she like f**in' with a rich n***a Every day Christmas but I f** her in December I don't f** with your life, n***a You can't f** with these Nikes, n***a I put your b**h in all white, n***a And she do that sh** you don't like, n***a More liquor, now your b**h about to s** it She givin' head to my n***as while I'm f**in' I got my Timberlands on with a bucket Blowin' up her phone, she gon' pick up when I'm comin' What you mean, we gon' talk out? My n***a we don't talk it out, my n***as with the sh**s though Boy you better walk it out before my n***as stomp you out Lil' homie got the pistol I'm takin' shots at the bar After that, my n***as takin' shots at your car I don't f** with you b**h n***a I just f** with your b**h, n***a

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