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Chris Brown - Ain't Shit Changed lyrics

[Hook: Cal Scruby]
Ain't shit changed but the chain and the watch
We gon' make it rain, switching lanes in the drop
One red, one blue like we came with the cops
Yeah it's going down but we stand at the top

[Verse 1: Cal Scruby]
They open up the door for me, like it's a king coming through bitch
There's a whole lot more of us, yeah that's my team coming through bitch
Creeping through the city in a matt black, Jaguar purr like a black cat
One on one bitch, you can't match that, she told me the money where you lack at
Scratch that shorty, hit the lotto
In the club pouring black Ace out a gold bottle
Ain't tryna be a role model
Every day I do the same thing

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
Ain't shit changed but the chain and the watch
Since I got the fame, I better aim with the Glock
Got your girl in the Range, another bitch in the drop
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I'm 'bout to fuck 'em both, anybody wanna watch?
In the white Ghost with the 40 cal, me and Cal
Bitches tripping cause we tipping now, smoking with the windows down
I got a whole lot of guap
I'm throwing money up, I run you with with them Forgiatos
You know boy, I'm getting paid, what you say? Money on the way
Bitches acting fake in my face, wanting to stay with me
OG, smoking OG, them bitches on me
Lonely, I'm big league playing for the mains

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Cal Scruby]
She gon' make it clap for me, but I ain't on stage hoe
She tryna get a rack from me, but I ain't wanna save those
Cut these bitches off, I ain't cuffing, I can make a top drop, I ain't have to press a button
She only see the crib if she fucking, if she bring her friend too, I ain't worried 'bout nothing
Came from the country then moved to the city
Flew out the country to switch up my views
You cannot do half the shit that I do
In the coupe, I'm a dog with no roof

[Hook x2]

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