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Chief Keef - 10-4 lyrics

Bang 2
All in
What's up, bro?
Bye, bitch
What you want?

10-4, 10-4, got money on my mental
I come from O-6-4
You copy that, 10-4
Endo, endo, I love smoking endo
Bet you could smell that outdoor
You copy that, 10-4
Get low, get low, bitch we shooting get low
Or get your ass shot down, you copy that, 10-4
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Get dough, get dough, boy you better get dough
Or get your ass killed for, you copy that, 10-4
My wrist glow, my wrist glow, you try to take it, get smoked
My MAC and ten, be careful, you copy that 10-4
6-4, 6-4, I come from that 6-4
Pouring 6 up in my 24, I'm leaning I ain't sick though
Window, window, he shopping in the window
You outside looking indoor
You ain't got shit to spend though
Careful, careful, my Mac-10 be careful
That 4-4 got a hundred shots and shooting at your rim too
Endo, endo, know the best thing endo
My 2-2-3, so two 15's, but you tryna take 10 though
Asshole, asshole, you think you an asshole
(?) I'm turnt up 'til my wrist glow

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