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Chicago Bears - Week 6 Genius Insider Preview vs. Lions lyrics

DISCLAIMER: This will be eerily similar to my Week 5 preview, as everything we did last week (which I mentioned), will win us the game in Week 6 against the Lions.

Coming off a great win in Week 5 against the Chiefs who are now 1-4, the Bears look to go into Bye Week (Week 7) with an even record (3-3). After their slow start this season, despite going up against 3 of the best teams in the league, they have shown their grit and are looking to power through the rest of this year the Bears way.

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Our defense is getting better and better every week, even with all the injuries that we unluckily get. Pernell McPhee, the unofficial leader (crowned by me) has turned out to be the best off-season move we made as he continues to prove his money's worth with his tremendous game-changing plays, as well as his on- and off-field charisma, experience, and expertise. The secondary needs to be the point of improvement, but they still are not letting any thing too bad. The D-line is tremendous, and together with the defensive front, I reckon we could bring back the old-school 1985 defensive formation - 46. That sh** wreaked havoc back in the day, and maybe we can pull it off again (there might be a slight sarcastic tone right now, but it'll always be fun to see if we can.

Offense wise, the same. Despite all the hate he has received in his career, and especially the last year, he continues to show that he is determined to win us games after clutching it out again (!!). Matt Forte played a great game. Martellus Bennett did not. The banged up receiving core really showed up. The injury-prone O-line did work. We played well (in the second half).

Again, all we need to do to beat the Lions (who are struggling hard this year...yes!) is what we did last week. And as exciting as the last minute drives are to win the game are (thanks Jay), please try not to be in that situation again. I don't have any finger nails left.

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