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Chantelle Castello (FayDay) - Beat Me lyrics

[Verse 1]
18, and I fell in love quick, and uh
My daddy tried to tell me things wouldn't stick, but uh
The next thing you know I'm down on the floor
Hands wrapped around my neck, I couldn't breathe no more
Mama cryin' on the phone hearin' everything
But when she asked I knew I couldn't tell her anything
What kind of woman would she think that I was?
If she knew the way he beat me, and the things that he had done
The first time you said, "I'm sorry babe you gonna stay."
The 8th time, Nicky helped me pack and run away
You chased the van, I remember I could hear your cries
You told me, "Baby, if you love me look into my eyes."
Well, when I was looking through the f**in' gla**
The only thing that I could think was that I wished he'd hit the f**in' gas
And then I thought of everything I said that night
Every time you raised your hand, and every time you picked a fight

[Hook 1]
Just beat me
I ain't pretty 'less I got a black eye
Beat me
I'm sorry baby, next time I won't cry
Beat me
Everything is my fault, I'm to blame
Beat me
I'll try to wear these scars proud, no shame
Beat me
Another teardrop on the floor
Just beat me
Another face slammed into a door
Baby, it's okay, I'll take all the blame
I'll take every last beat, and I'll take every bit of pain
Just beat me

[Verse 2]
November, guess we missed a step in what we did
Cause according to the test it says we got a kid
But that don't really f**in' matter to you, does it?
Cause at 5 months, pregnant, you could kick me in my stomach?
Another night at the club, I was working late
Nevaeh said, "What's on your thigh?" I told her it was straight
"It's just a bruise where I fell..."
She said, "You can't bullsh** me, he beat you with a f**in' belt!"
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What was I thinking when I turned around and came back?
What was I thinking coming back to the same crap?
Huh, I gave you all of my heart
And in the end you just ripped it out and tore it all apart
Sleepin' 'round while I was pregnant, I was pissed
I was hurt, I was cryin', thinking I should slit my wrist
Went from homecoming princess to this
But I learned to fight back, stay strong, used my fist

[Hook 2]
While he beat me
Fought back, and still got a black eye
Beat me
I sat there, and didn't flinch, didn't cry
Beat me
Everything was his fault, he's to blame
Beat me
Fist full of rage, and mind full of shame
Beat me
Another teardrop on the floor
Just beat me
Pushed me so my stomach hits the f**in' door
And now I'm gone, you can take all the blame
Cause I took every last beat, and I took every bit of pain
And you can't beat me

[Verse 3]
So I moved back home, and had my baby girl
Perfect and healthy, and now she's mommy's whole world
I got my heart back, and got over you
But I fell in love for real, and so it's with somebody new
The nightmares are slowing down over time
The memories, I try to block 'em out my mind
And just remember, this one ain't you
He's a lover, and he's faithful, and he'll always stay true
So I hope you're happy where you're at in life now
I hope you're f**in' happy with your son and wife now
Honestly, I wish it'd all fall apart
But you reap what you sow, so that's a pretty good start
I hoped for a lot of things, and got true love
And got my daughter, she's an angel from above
But the only thing I hope, and I pray
Is she never goes through what I did, and has to say

[Hook 1]

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