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Chance The Rapper - Whats Next BASED FREESTYLE lyrics

[Intro: Chance The Rapper]
Ah, so I think by now you may be confused as to what we're doing
We're making an entire piece of content from scratch
Which is where the best things in life come, the best things in life come from nothing
And become something different, so, you know
This is an allegory to life, and life is an allegory to this sh**, I guess

[Hook: Chance The Rapper]
Chano, Chano, Chano, Chano, Chano, what's next?
Chano, Chano, Chano, Chano, Chano, what's next?
Brandon, Brandon, Brandon, Brandon, Brandon what's next?
Brandon, Brandon, Brandon, Brandon, Brandon what's next?
I tell them light, it's gonna shine on you
Tell 'em more, watch that sh** shine on you

[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]
Woke up this morning, didn't know what's next
Then I read a text, asking me what's next
Sent back a text, said "mind your own"
When you find your home, go to sleep and dream your own
Dream, don't follow what it seems to me
Everything you see ain't what it seems to be
And I gotta hella dreams, hella dreams to speak
So I guess that that sh**'s meta, or just beta
And we spell it B-E-T-A, that means it's on trial
That means for a while, it won't be finished
But when that sh**'s finished, ah, just look at that finish
Ah, I'm still off that tone, but I still take care of business
Had to freak it up, had to mix it up, had to geek it up
Every week you know, you look online, hella leaks is up
Ain't no album coming out, ain't no sh** coming, no, no soon
When I'm in the room and I'm lit and gone and I make the tunes
Go ahead B

[Verse 2: Lil B]
I, I keep going and I'mma blast them
I'mma show these b**hes that it's not all fashion
I don't wear these clothes for the f**ing fashion
I wear clothes cause I'm fast and I'm hungry
I don't give a f** about these n***as think I'm funny
I hold K's, A's and f**ing dummies
I'm like in the f**ing cut, I'm a f**ing mummy
I got so much money I need a f**ing mummy
I need help and sh** because my health and sh** is irrelevant
While I'm chasing this paper, I'm running so fast
I'm like chasing a laser, these n***as can't see me
I be chasing a waiter, these motherf**ers serve me
All looking for so many tips, these n***as just working me
You gotta understand this pain when you hear this beat
I'm like AK47, can't you hear the streets?
What's up keyboard kid? I got n***as underground that's doing four bids
They living twelve lives, felt like you was a soldier at the end of the night
I'mma show you my life at the end of the tunnel
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And I'mma open my book, and y'all befinitely gonna read it
And I'll make sure y'all all about Lil B-zzy
It's Lil B, Chance I see ya
This sh** ain't what it seems to be
A motherf**er's all history
They don't know about him or me
They don't know about them or me
Taking n***as, out the game for free
Keep it positives, you lames gonna see
That we not playing, chops in the air we gonna keep on spraying

[Spoken Interlude: Lil B]
Spraying for peace, man you know what I'm saying?
You know that's all we living for
Top of the window top of the elevator type sh**
Looking through the window man, looking through the top of the roof you feel me?
We're just taking chances man
It's our last chance man, you know what I'm saying?
That's all we do every day man
It's your boy Lil B, all we do, you feel me?
Yeah this the Based Freestyle Mixtape man
All we're doing is free styling up
Real talk man, like I said man, it's your boy Lil B man, tell them to shut it down man
Chance man, we up next

[Outro: Lil B]
Cause this sh** ain't what it seems to be
These motherf**ers look like history
I'm starting to feel like it's like them or me
Them or me
They history, I'm starting to feel it's like them or me
We living, but it's misery
They can not picture me
Starting to feel like it's them or me
I'm starting to look at them like history
Yeah we living, but in misery
Let's get it
Take off from the top, yah what I'm saying
Gutterville, Gutterville
Yeah man, like I said' everything so real, so authentic
All we doing is hopping to the next track
You gonna feel this, you know what I'm saying?
Everything from the real sh**
One life, one love
Bay area what's up, Chicago what's up?
You know we all connected
Bay area to the Chi Town
Chi Town to the Bay Area
You know what I'm saying?
It's for everybody man
I know the world gonna love this man, you know what I'm saying?
Just soak it in man, cause everything real, everything authentic
You feel me?
None of that faking man, turn it to that next track, let's go in

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