Chance The Rapper - I Ain't Word lyrics

[Hook: Detail, Lil Wayne, and Chance the Rapper]
You can look me in my face
I ain't got no worries (I ain't word) x3
See them shroomies keep me up
So I ain't got no worries (I ain't word) x3
You see money right there
Yeah that's (me) right there
Yeah that's (me) right there
And we ain't got no worries
You see p**y right there
Redbone mangos right there
See them shroomies right there
We ain't got no worries

[Verse 1]
D. Rose on that a**, that means back again
I hit my Zan so hard
Man, I've been practicing
I'm going straight to the league, and not by accident
Don't get your a** kicked in
I'll hoop in Shaqs and Timbs
Chit chat with Chris Mintz-Pla**e
And laugh at Jags and rims
T-T-Y-L-ing the labels and L-O-L-ing they friends
Hello Hell and Heaven, you haven't heard the half of it
Have at it half-happy
30-something year old, broke graduate
Over the wave like du-rags,getting paper like dude rap
Nineteen, making that "I could be damn near f**ing Erykah Badu" rap
Girbaud flow is too strapped
My screws loose, I'm too slapped
Just got this b**h too turnt
Just got my nose 2Pac'd
L.A Reid like, "Who's that?
Jimmy Iovine like, "Who's that?
Whole world like, "Who's that?

Whole hood like ‘dude a**'
I'm from little shorties with the shot up shirt
Where babies get kilt like a Scottish skirt
95-ing down the Ryan
And I'm flying, skirrt
Keep on asking if I'm trying n***am I ain't word


[Verse 2]
Unreluctant optimist, most poppingest
Got popular,try topping this, Triceratops
BJs from baby bopping b**hes
Throat lozenges
Ma**aging it, no touching it
Okay, touch on it
But don't rush on it
Ration it, pa**ionate
While imagining me smashing it
Dash out at like 4:30,hands smelling like potpourri
They ain't give my n***a no jury, so I don't give no n***a no mercy
When my little f**ing brother rap better than you
My sh** get your girl way wetter than you
You rap veterans you, my nerdy brethren you
Stuff you in a f**ing locker, 10 Day letterman you
You wanna jock me, jockers (AAH)
My style's fathering you
I know it's bothering you
Probably an anomaly
But it's probably n***as that's probably starving for new sh** you could sound like
That's that sh** that I don't like
But I ain't really worried
I'm a wordy motherf**er
I could hurry
But I'm buried in her p**y from the last tape


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