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CFO$ - Fabulous lyrics


F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S, yes!
Diamonds on my neck,
Yes, I'm fabulous,
They keep hatin' on me,
I don't stress,
Don't got time for this,
'Cause I'm fabulous,

[Verse 1:]
Big hair, high heels, and a fur jacket,
Style so fresh, you wishin' you could jack it,
Ain't nobody else got money like this,
Diamonds on my neck and a new leopard print!
Fresh mani, pedi and designer brands,
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Got a necklace so big I can hardly stand!

Everybody knows that I'm fabulous,
And I'm the baddest chick around; try and step to this!


[Verse 2:]
Princess status, but the whole world know it,
Diamonds so bright, you think that they be glowin',
Ain't nobody hotter than this chick right hurr,
Ice so cold, make them haters go "brr!"
If I were you, I would be jealous too,
The queen with the crown makin' them fellas drool,



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