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Cesar Moreno - I Heard lyrics

[Verse 1: Rowlan]
I heard it's like that, so I turned it into this
I hope that all that love never turn into a diss
I hope you use your head before you coming at the prince
Bel-Air down the road, but never had it like the Smiths'
Said I'm the dude at moved out at Sixteen
Small town boy, made it to the big screen
Cape Cod, now I'm out here next to Drake
Got me like Ye, k** that mothaf**in' ba**
Waiting for time they start reaching for they blammers
Sleeping on who, I'm a guest with no manners
Wake your a** up rise and shine, I just smashed
I'm a motherf**er and your mama had a blast
I don't feel my peers, so I never felt the pressure
Play my verses back if you looking for the treasure
I could drop an 8 with more bars than 32
I don't kick game, I punch lines, until they bruise

[Bridge: Rowlan, J. Rae]
I said I don't know what you heard but I
I said I don't know what you heard but I

[Verse 2: Rowlan]
I heard its over there, so I had to bring it here
Had to let these 9's know why I say the end is near
Crazy, a million plays just arrived
Now these Instagram hoes saying Rowlan you should dive
Well I dont really know how to swim, when it's shallow
And I don't really want you s**ing me, unless you swallow
I see through fake personas, don't waste my time
100k yearly coming soon unsigned
We spoke on income, know that things have changed
I test drove bentleys, almost crashed a range
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I spoke my dreams, I advanced my moves
I beat the case, I don't got sh** to prove
I don't have no plugs, man I fund my self
I don't come from money, I'm not backed by wealth
I don't have no friends, my whole circle is fam
My names in the title, these other rappers are spam

[Bridge: Rowlan, J. Rae]
I said I don't know what you heard but I
Ain't stopping til' they call me the one
I said I don't know what you heard but I
Came to do it like its never been done
I said I don't know what you heard but I
Wrote the book and I chose how it ends
I said I don't know what you heard but I
Change lanes but never follow the trends

[Verse 3: Rowlan]
I heard they think my time is later, so I had to show them now
That Ima' change the game with these words I'm writing down
That nobody in it, want it with me pound for pound
I'm not these up and comers, that just think they found a sound
Told them that I'm scar when you mix a little Simba
Told them you Julying, and we almost in December
Told them they believe me cause it's clear that I'm the truth
Old heads love me, but I'm buzzing with the youth
They don't ever question how I got to where I'm headed
One wrong move, and I'm announcing Armageddon
Two wrong words and I leave ya dead where you stay
Regretting all the words, that you never got to say
Year 2020 I'll have fantoms in my posts
Not snap chatting, take a photo of my ghost
2020 and my visions here no exception
2028 man Rowlan for election

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