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Cesar Comanche - The Fade lyrics

Check it out, check it out, check it out
Check it out, check it out, check it out
Come on, take it on the floor
Just gotta say that once my mortal cooled was much greater
Brain use to took all on the 'more on the day light
Fame can't be a treator lane, our stuff are just in lane
Yeah life's a b**h, waste on hater
Time running on truth cuz won't break it shout
Fall back will be at your best horse
But soon cracking at last, use your legs cush it that back
Is lot in the back, dog
Un-avoiding the truth but you've been betraying, but some way lose it the tools
Soon takes on a whole new meaning
Plus focus not seam the same
Stop blaming the buff, so you better deal with it
Get in and out, look in that so face the fact you ain't the only one how hit it
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No talking you wait out of this deal
Everybody get a song, one you get a hit you want some more
Get straight well most get play for more
Yeah I'm not gonna front
Some innovation some straight just fallow the time
Some gush some limit and rhyme
But it cross the board, one truth that we can avoid
We all in, we all fame
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First breath press the stop watch
The thick with the top clock
Begging to the end of your living
Isn't hard that you ever seen and so innocent
Branding a new lout motive by the Olympic tempted
Listening six years old we do like then
Start to question by all things, when do you saw spring
What this all mean
Life, d**h want a seven billion on guess
But not the last most queen happened
And couldn't handle it, it will beat on time to left and ..
Scare pursue dreams grime this management
This orderly, priority, blind but pa**ion it
Time burn so I chose to learn
Exhibit truth with evidence but the court is a jern
Yo the game is over, sleigh mentality is play out
Make something with your life before you fall out
Everybody wha** on?
That you get the hit just want some more
...get play for more
Yeah i'm not gotta front
Somewhere in the fade so straight just fallow the time
Some gush, some limit they lie, but I cross the board
One truth that we can avoid
We all in, we all fade

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