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Celine Dion - This Time lyrics

[Verse 1]
One more hour burns
So scared of his return
That I can't sleep tonight
In this hospital light
You call a tragedy
Is just another day to me
For my heart beats with fear
As his footsteps draw near
The life I meant to lead
Won't slip away from me

Because this time is the last time
I know that my eyes have seen too much
This nightmare is not fair
And I have had enough
You break me, and as I bleed
You just say you are sorry
You call this love?
But this time your lies
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Are not enough
This time

[Verse 2]
There is nothing left of this
Your wispered words and empty threats
Rip away the seams of what I thought this would be
The last thread has come undone
To reveal what I have become
Another victim of a poison love
I've been afraid for years
But that won't keep me here


What remains a mystery
You can not have the best of me
So I'm taking back
All you took from me


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