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Celine Dion - New Dawn lyrics

[Verse 1]
Jesus, I will follow
For each step is forgiven and never long
And as we walk through miles of disbelief
It will be his hand that guides you
Leading you home
He'll say

[Chorus 1]
"You carry on, a new day will come"
I know it will yeah
You carry on
I know, I know a new day will dawn
Yes it will

[Verse 2]
I am woman
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A mountain I will climb
Oh yes I will
I've been beat down and I've been broken
And each day I give it another try
Oh yeah

[Chorus 2]
We will carry on
A new day has come
We will carry on
I know a new day will dawn

I have been broken
New day will dawn

[Chorus x2]

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