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Celine Dion - Fade Away lyrics

[Verse 1]
I learned from the past
Not everything lasts
I understand that now
Everything changed
When you walked away
But I will survive somehow
Though I have regrets
I will learn to forget
And just keep moving on
Because when love is gone
You have to be strong

Once touched by pain
You are not the same
But time can heal
Your heart again
So let the clouds
That bring you down
Just fade away
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[Verse 2]
So I try to smile
But after a while
The memories come back
But I won't give in
Because I know that then
My heart will fade to black
And this time I learned
That love can burn
It's an all consuming flame
There is no right or wrong
I have got to be strong


I know that one day I will find that feeling again
But until I do I will do fine by myself


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